Sunday, November 22, 2009


We saw snow this morning and I think we were the only ones excited about it too! Mostly because we won't have to suffer through the bitter cold and digging our cars out for the rest of the winter. It stuck for about an hour and has since melted away. But I can attest we did see it!

Last night Owen said "Nana" for banana! He's also saying "Mo" for more, "buh" for ball and still saying mama and dada.

Carter has been sleeping in a big boy bed for two days and is doing great. He hasn't woken up in the middle of the night once and has managed not to roll off. He's a big happy boy!

Also saw New Moon yesterday. I liked it, not sure if I loved it. It was afterall my least favorite book in the series. The special effects were so much better this time, there's still some not so great acting but because I love the books it makes me love all of the characters anyways. Maybe I just need to see it again to be sure. It was a treat, thanks Charlotte for taking all of the girls! The highlight so far. :)

That's it. More later and pictures soon enough.
Hugs, A

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Sarah said...

Are you in Idaho?! I am so calling you tomorrow!