Friday, December 11, 2009


This little guy will be 14 months tomorrow!
He's now a climber and climbs onto, up and over everything.
He can say "hi" and "bye" and "nite-nite" in addition to his other words.
He's a mexican at heart. Loves tortillas, chips, guacamole and will eat spoonfuls of it.
He loves juice and nuggets but can't stand ranch dressing.
He's discovered how to "dip" his food.
He's learning to help clean up and his mommy loves that!
He still doesn't like bedtime, but doesn't mind nap time.
He loves balls and boxes.
He runs!
He's figured out if he puts toys or blankets in his mouth, he can go faster with the momentum of both free hands, and he can carry more too.
He tackles Carter to get his toys back and teases him as well.
He loves to flip through books and look at the pictures.
He loves playing in the cozy coupe and scooting around on his lion walker.
He enjoys the days Carter is in school to have all of the toys and mommy to himself.
Even when he's busy he takes the time to check in with his mommy in the form of a dash across the room for a hug then off he goes again.
He still melts my heart with every snuggle, smile and wave.

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The Youngblood Family said...

Mr. Owen is so cute!!! I can't believe he is already 14 months.