Thursday, December 24, 2009


Last week we took the boys to see Jolly Old St. Nick. They weren't fans of Santa Clause. Not a smile in sight, but on a good note, not a tear either. Just pure indifference, hesitation and then wiggling to get off the man in the funny suits lap. Owen lasted all of 10 seconds before Santa flagged me down to come get him. So, although I was not planning on it, I had my picture taken with Santa too. I feel a little jibbed in that he didn't want to hear what I would like for Christmas.

Carter was worried about the elf legs hanging out of Santas workshop in the background. He kept saying "stuck" and pointing to the elf. (Sorry he was cropped out) Our local outdoors store had an entire section on the store set aside for Santas workshop. There were coloring stations, trains, fresh cookies and all sorts of other North Pole decorations. The best part, it was all free and only took about 20 minutes in line. The line reminded me of a Christmas Story. When they go see Santa in the department store and you see Santa, jump in line and then realize the actual line is wrapped through the store and around the corner. Yet, even that wasn't too bad because we ran into some friends from church and my mom was there with an extra set of hands to take care of Owen while I chased Carter. It was an adventure.

We have a Santa at home on our bookshelf and the first time Carter saw it, he went right over and pointed to it and then turned to me and said "Jesus."
I said, "No that's Santa."
He looked at me and said, "yes, Jesus."
So although he may not understand the Jolly Old Man, he understands the true meaning of Christmas. At least we are working on in it, and so in Carter's words, tomorrow we will be celebrating a "Merry Christmas" and "Jesus Birthday."

PS- Owen walked up to the same Santa just tonight and pointed to it and said "Santa."

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Todd, Marie, Bronwyn, Magdalen, and Baby Ty. said...

I am in every picture of my kids with Santa! Merry Christmas!