Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paul and Brenda.

I thought it was only fitting to dedicate a post to Paul and Brenda after our trip. Carter is their biggest fans and spent almost the entire trip following them around. He would go everywhere they went, even if it meant rolling around on their bedroom floor while Brenda folded clothes or talked on the phone. He would even wait outside of their room in the morning trying to peek under the door. They were fantastic as always with all of the kids and it doesn't surprise me at all why the kids love them so much and want to spend every moment with them!In fact one morning Brenda and I went to the gym and Carter followed us to the door crying. As I climbed into the car I could hear him banging on the inside of the door. Mike later told me that he was crying for Brenda, not me, but later whined for me. I know I'm not as exciting and Brenda was his favorite person of the trip. It only hurt my feelings for a little while. :)
Brenda and Carter roasting marshmallows.
Carter, Landon, Brenda and Paul watching football.
Carter and Paul hanging out and then Owen trying to figure out how to climb in the chair with them too.

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