Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Thanksgiving 2009 at the Dille House.
The Kids Table. Carter and Landon.
They sat for about 10 minutes and then were off playing and causing trouble once again. They run non stop when they are together.
The next generation of Dille's. (and McDonalds)
Owen 13 mo., Brooklyn 3 mo., Carter 2.5 yrs., Landon 2.5 yrs. and Jarom 8 mo. Baby Brooklyn, Nikki and I. Bryan and Nikki's little girl is beautiful and always in the cutest girlie outfits. It's about time we had a niece. I've been itching to buy little girl things and she's just perfect, along with her parents.
Both Owen and Jarom are thumbsuckers. Stealing a little time with grandma before family photos.
After a very long Thanksgiving day and no nap this is where Carter crashed. This is rare and was Mike's favorite part of the day. What handsome men I have to admire.
We had a wonderful trip as always. The boys never stopped and each day found new ways to entertain themselves and new things to get into or dump out at grandma's house.

Carter and Owen went for their first visits to see Uncle Brian the dentist, Dr. Dille. The highlight of that visit was the Cars toothbrush that Carter got. Brushing his teeth just got a lot more exciting. Owen wasn't having any of it and sat with a clenched jaw. But we were able to warm them both up to the idea for next year.

I had a chance to do a little shopping, see New Moon, try out Zumba with my darling sister in laws and had a lot of extra hands to help with the boys. Mike was able to brush the dust of his soccer skills and played indoor soccer with Paul and Brenda. I believe that was his highlight. Carter slept in a big boy bed all week and only figured out how to come to our door in the middle of the night the last two days we were there. Carter hated wearing a coat and each time we would put him in it he would quickly try to take it back off. You can tell he's a Texas boy. Owen was a trooper and slept well even with molars coming in and was a pleasant little man the rest of the trip. He didn't mind wearing a coat and hat and loved the extra attention and love that was given to him.

The food was divine, the company was fun and the memories will last forever... or until our next trip.

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