Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trip Pics

We spent a full week in Idaho with Mike's family for Thanksgiving. The time always goes by so much faster than we think and there are always items left on our to-do list by the time we have to go back home. But in looking over our to-do list we realize the most important things were done. By just "being there" our children were able to get to know their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins better and we were able to create memories as an entire family.

Shala, Landon, Mike and Carter. Our last night there Grandpa and Ma took both boys for a special outing. They went and picked out cars and got happy meals with just the four of them. Here they are eating their nuggets with their new cars in the background.
Owen and I at the campfire at Shala's house. It was cold.
Our family at the City Christmas Tree Lighting. Owen loved the lights. Carter loved the fire truck but didn't love wearing his coat at all.When the lights turned on. That's one excited little boy!
Can't make a trip out there and not hit my favorite place for fresh donuts. We could have stayed and watched the donuts being made forever. Carter was fascinated. Did I mention how delicious they are fresh and warm, just heaven.Grandma Charlotte with all of the grandkids. Jarom/Landon McDonald, Brooklyn Dille and our boys.

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