Sunday, September 26, 2010


One week left in the US until we ship off to Saudi.

Can it really only be one week left? I feel like this past week as been one day, one very long blurred day.

But in that time we have moved our house, packers were here on Tuesday and Wednesday and packed EVERYTHING that I had written on the inventory sheet (the most time consuming thing ever to inventory your WHOLE house, think 10 pairs of jeans, 6 cotton shirts... you get the point right?).

Mike sold his beloved TL on Wednesday. My MDX is also being sold, but kept in the family. It will be shipped out this week up to Idaho.

Thursday we said goodbye to my mom, brother and dog (didn't hear back in time if he got approved to be let into the country, couldn't risk keeping him and then having them say no- so he's off with grandma and when she comes to visit we'll try again- that also is the LONGEST process with several hoops to jump through.) That may have been the hardest part of the week. I did not want her to go. She was so helpful and we could not have done the move without her. Love you mom!

Lastly, and well maybe the most important thing of the week...
It's official, it's sold and we are now non-homeowners. Officially homeless and staying with good friends willing to take us and our -totally out of control because of the moving and change- kids.

Things are amazingly busy and once again I hope we survive it all.
Seven days left and counting.
Let the Houston Bucket List start... which happens to really only include my favorite restaurants.
Hugs, A


lynette said...

it's so exciting and scary all at once! don't forget to see movies, go shopping, and get in lots of hugs from your friends!

Jana Dille said...

Angie, my friend said she would be happy to get her parents info to you if you want it!