Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Little Gang.

Our Little Gang.
 Lexie has taken a liking to her pointer finger. It is the finger of choice for self soothing. We lovingly call it her little fish hook.  Also, check out those baby blues!
 She's ready to see the world, no more of this laying down stuff. 
  The other set of baby blues. Today Carter celebrated his birthday in primary and came home with a giant chocolate chip cookie. Happy Boy!
 There are some little outfits I love. This being one of them. I saw it at Baby Gap and fell in love, had to have it! So much cuter on our little lady than it was on the hanger. Seriously so much fun to have a little girl!
*Side note every piece of clothing you buy over here in the sandbox smells like a combination of cigarette smoke and incense- yuck- luckily it washed out*
Tomorrow is a company holiday Mike has the day off, so that makes us a happy gang. Love days when daddy is home.
Hugs, A

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stacibee said...

OMG Angie! I LOVE that dress. Lexie is a precious baby. Absolutely beautiful.