Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Fun Day.

This weekend we declared Thursday family fun day. We didn't have any other plans for once (usually there are swim lessons, the grocery store, a birthday party), so we actually had a chance just to play. Carter has been requesting hamburgers all week, so we loaded up the crew and headed over to Johnny Rockets, the go to eat out spot for our family. The staff is super expat friendly. The are patient and kind to our kids, they serve food fast, are never really that busy and serve Coke with Sonic style ice- yum!
 After filling our tummies, we went into the mall to the amusement park area. The go to family fun spot with working A/C when it is too hot outside. There are rides, arcades, merry go rounds, bumper boats, pretty much any sort of  carnival ride you can fit into a giant indoor mall.
The boys had a blast.
So maybe not a blast for Owen on this ride. He's still not a fan of round and round rides. He lasted about six times around and then the worker was nice enough to let off our crying little guy.
Bumper Boats. Mind you there was a sign stating it was for kids age 7 and up. No problem, the worker didn't even blink, he quickly but the boys on the boats. Yeah, worrisome, maybe.
And just for fun, when you are done on the bumper boats why not visit the pet shop kiosk and take home a parrot, rabbit, fish or a turtle. So random.
And here's our little lady trooper hanging out in the stroller. She took a little snooze and then played with her little butterfly.
She's starting to chunk up a bit, love her little lips. They are just like Mike's and so smoochy.
We also ran into the pottery painting cafe, to scout out our next little outing. Hey, I've got to plan things out now, we still have another month in the sandbox heat.
Inside they had this fo-chimney. What did Owen do? Immediately climb in, squat down and declare, "I'm Santa, Ho, Ho, Ho."
We had a fun morning.
Hugs, A

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