Monday, June 4, 2012


Carter is FIVE!
This handsome, not so little anymore, guy is celebrating his birthday today!
Frog mini cupcakes for his preschool class.
Tonight we went out to Johnny Rockets for hamburgers and milkshakes, Carter's favorite. Then we took him shopping for a pair of crocs, another thing he's been asking for.
We came home and opened presents. (*planning to put in photo of his opened presents tomorrow.)
He had a great birthday, just ask him. He's so happy to be five!
Carter is in the 100th percentile for height and wears size 6 slim pants, 5/6 shirts and 13/ or 1 size shoes.
He loves to draw and anything artsy.
He loves to dip his foods in a mixture of ketchup and ranch.
He loves hamburgers, blueberries, cucumbers, Cheetos and granola bars.
He LOVES primary and talks a lot about choosing the right and doing what Jesus wants him to do.
He likes to dance and loves The Wanted song, "I'm glad you came", and singing the "Red Solo Cup" song.
He's in a hat wearing kick, his favorite is a navy blue Texans hat.
He loves to play and is Mr. Imagination these days making up games and playing pirates and super heroes. He also likes to pretend he is the daddy and is going off to work.
His favorite mode of transportation is riding on dads scooter.
He wakes up at the crack of dawn always, everyday and no matter what side of the world we are on. This kid feels no jet lag. He's the first up and will usually come into our room fully dressed and ready for the day at about 6 a.m.
He is a great big brother, when we wants to be, and is the first to console Owen or wipe off spit up from Lexie. (He's also the first to keep tabs on everyone and likes to taddle on Owen and tell me everything he is doing all of the time.)
Just tonight on the way home he sat next to Lexie in the car and held her hand while she cooed and awed at him. He can get her to laugh like no other and we're pretty sure he is one of her favorite people.

Happy Birthday Carter.
We're so blessed to have you here with us in our family. We are lucky to be your parents and have cherished each and every day we get to be with you.  There are no limits, you can do anything and you CAN do hard things. You are a special boy and we look forward to forever with you.
Hugs, A

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