Monday, October 12, 2009


Owen is ONE!
Having Owen in our home for the past year has been a blessing. We feel so privileged to have his sweet spirit in our family. His smile is contagious, his laugh warms our hearts and even his crocodile tears make us laugh. It feels as if he's always been here, he was meant to be ours and us to be his. We are in love with our little man and so amazed at how quickly the past year has gone. It still seems like yesterday that we had him early and had to leave him in the NICU. I can remember the feelings, the sorrow and then I remember the joy and relief we had when he finally came home. How grateful I am for the medical advances of our generation that were used to save him and grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing Mike and I to raise him. We love you Owen and look forward to each birthday and milestone you reach.

Owen doesn't say much but I have a feeling it's just another key part of his personality. He likes to watch everything and take it all in. Now that he is walking he's starting to pick up the pace and can be in and out of a room in seconds without being heard. He has eight teeth, four on the top and bottom. Wears size 4 wide shoes and 12 month clothes. He's a difficult eater and is picky, proving the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. In general he's a very happy baby and is a joy to have by your side, or on your hip. In honor of Owens first birthday here are a few things about our baby boy and his first year.

You've come a long way...
Milestones Time line.
  • Born 4 weeks early.
  • 2 weeks, comes home from the NICU
  • 10 weeks, first smile and blessed in Nampa, ID.
  • 3 months, rolled over from tummy to back.
  • 4 months, diagnosed with reflux, first haircut and starting sleeping through the night.
  • 5 months, moved into his own room and out of ours. Masters downward facing dog and starts solid foods.
  • 6 months, gets his first teeth- bottom two, learns how to go from tummy to sitting and sits by himself.
  • 7 months, crawls and starts to pull up.
  • 8 months, gets his top two teeth in, transitions to formula and holds his own bottles, has ear tubes put in and passes his hearing test.
  • 9 months, starts to use baby walker, first trip to the beach, first pair of shoes.
  • 10 months, stands alone and says "mama" and "dada." Learns to climb stairs and takes his first steps.
  • 11 months, walks, claps his hands, squats, waves and makes kisses.
  • 12 months, starts whole milk, starting to run and moves into a room with Carter.
Owen Loves.
  • Standing on his head. He's done this since he was four/five months old. He has mastered downward facing dog and finds it hilarious if you do the same thing with him.
  • Being carried up the stairs, he squeals and kicks his legs with excitement.
  • Balls, books, rattles, banging things together and his stuffed giraffe.
  • Music and dancing ( he does this great little bounce of a dance).
  • A quiet room when he sleeps with the white noise of a fan.
  • His brother. Carter is the best entertainment Owen has and can keep him laughing and happy for hours.
  • Remote controls and the telephone.
  • Climbing on the treadmill and crawling underneath desks and tables.
  • Chicken nuggets, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries and pasta salad.
  • The shower and now stays in longer than Carter.
  • He loves to be chased and tickled on his feet and thighs.
  • Loves to pull off his socks.
  • Loves to give fish hooks and stick his fingers in your mouth. We're hoping this means he'll pick a career in dentistry.
  • Loves to climb stairs. If the baby gate is open he makes takes off around the corner giggling the entire way. This is the fastest we ever see him move.
Owen Dislikes.
  • The bedtime routine and starts to cry after prayers because he knows it's time for bed.
  • Being spoon fed. Would rather feed himself and will swat at a spoon or fork.
  • Right now he's not liking whole milk, making the transition a little difficult.
  • The vacuum when turned on.
*Because of flu shots and such he won't go into the pediatrician for his 1 year check up for another two weeks so I'll post his stats later. I'm guessing he's somewhere in the 50th percentile now.


Julie said...

Where are the pictures of the Giant Cupcake? I have that cake pan, but like about half of my cake pans I have never used it before.

Glad to hear that Owen had a happy birthday!

lynette said...

wow--i can't believe he's one already! and i really can't believe he was almost 9 pounds and a month early!

i hope you guys had a wonderful birthday celebration!