Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out to Lunch.

It's always a treat to go out to lunch. Even better when the outing includes Mike on a sunny afternoon at the park. We packed lunches and a blanket and picked up Mike on the way in. We've never been to the water wall and decided Friday was the day to go.

The boys were too busy running around to be bothered to eat anything. Although it looks like Owen is about to eat a leaf, so apparently he just didn't want any food that I had packed. Carter chased the birds. These pigeons were fearless and hounded us for food. If Carter were a tad quicker we're sure he would have had one by the neck and at one point almost actually kicked one. That will teach them to come after our food.
Here is the water wall. It's massive and awesome all at the same time. Would've been a little nicer without the wind and a few degrees warmer. But still a great Houston landmark to go see.
Me and the boys. Mike called this the picture of the day.
Lunch was short and sweet and everyone got home in time for a nap. Except Mike, he went back to work to make the money.


Em and Tom said...

That water wall is awesome.
I love lunch outings in the park!
The other day Jay was complaining because he thinks that Tom works "all the time!" Of course as you said, and we explained,
"someone has got ta make the money!"

lynette said...

Ah the water wall! I had my first kiss there!

Aren't lunches with Dad the best?