Sunday, July 1, 2012

4 Month Cutie.

 Lexie Reese at Four Months
18 Week Stats
6.7 kg = 14.7 lbs
41 cm FOC
62 cm long = 24 inches
 Lexie and her entourage.
We're learning to enjoy and relish every stage.
She loves her toes and rolling on her side, but still hasn't made a complete roll over.
She loves to smile, laugh and squeal very loudly.
Does not like being on her tummy but can hold her little head up and on her elbows shortly while there.
She sleeps all night going from 8-9 pm until 7-8 the next morning.
She wakes up so happy and will play, kicking her legs up and down and squeal until you get her.
Her schedule is becoming more and more predictable and has a pretty set nursing routine.
She's not the best napper, but she sleeps at night, so we'll take it.
I know I say this a lot, but she is just a joy.
Hugs, A

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