Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Rumors Come True.

We live in the Sandbox. There are some great things here and there is also a lot of not so great things. Generally when you leave camp things feel a bit primative to say the least. Something to do with the dress, thobes and abayas, the surroundings a lot of sand and dust, and a lot of trash (hey sometimes you just have to call it how it is).
But in the midst of all of this there are TWO malls in town. They are somewhat new and at times a breath of fresh modern life, a small glimpse of life back in the States- minus the dress (see above), the constant aroma of yucky incense, prayer times, no music, the bathrooms- ugh, and only a small handful of US brand stores. Either way, it's nice to occasionaly get out and feel like you aren't necessarily in the middle of the sandbox.
Okay, so enough rant, back to the purpose of the post and the rumors. We've heard it since we moved here a year and a half ago. Pottery Barn is coming, here, in the sandbox, here just 10 minutes off camp, here. Well this rumor actually came true!!! Two weeks ago Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids opened in one of the malls. It feels like home the moment you walk into the store.
 They have pretty much everything they would back home. The only difference is the prices, definitly more expensive here. But at least it is here and you don't have to figure out how to get it back across the ocean. I did buy a few small things and practiced a much larger skill of self restraint. It was just nice to walk around and feel like we were back in the States and less in the Sandbox.
Hugs, A

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