Monday, July 16, 2012

still here.

It's been a few weeks since I've had a chance or an opportunity to sit by myself at the computer to blog. We are still here in the Sandbox. Safe and sound. A bit hot, a little bored at times, but still here.

The camp clears out like a college town over the summer. Families flee to the States for cooler weather, family time and to avoid the 'Holy month' in the Sandbox. So needless to say things are quiet on camp, there is a surplus of highly desired items at the commissary like flour tortillas and canned pumpkin. But lucky for us, we still have a handful of friends with little kiddos still here and there have been several new families to move into our branch with kids as well. It's been a month where our primary has literally doubled. It's awesome.

We've also had a friend from our old Stake in Houston just arrive, his family comes in August. The boys are loving Mr. John and he's been hanging out with our crew while he is getting settled and working on getting Internet at his house. It's been nice, almost like a little of Houston here with us. We're very excited for his family to arrive.

So, other than not blogging, we've spent mornings at the pool, swim lessons, afternoons at preschool, brunch mornings with friends, building towers, playing pirates, cars, watching movies indoors to stay cool, enjoyed some mommy movie nights, I've been teaching afternoon boot camps, a few trips into town, watching our baby girl grow before our very eyes, entertaining new and old friends and cooking a lot of large meals. I'm a bit spent.

The kiddos are well. Mike is well. All is well.
Less than two weeks and we'll be stateside once again. A nice three week break from the sandbox.
Hugs, A

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