Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's 1:30 p.m. KSA and the boys are in sweats and I am still in pajamas.
By choice I might add.

We woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain. But first thought our house was flooding. Ohps, after painting the kitchen yesterday both Mike and I forgot to close the sliding glass door. So it was only flooding outside and not in the kitchen. A big relief at 5:30 am. So I crawled back into bed with the sound of rain luring my eyes closed.

The sky is dark and dreary and the ground is wet. No playgroup at the park today. No real need to get up and moving. Both boys sleep in. So do I.

We watched Sesame St., made german pancakes, picked up a little, did some paint touch ups to the kitchen, folded some laundry and made a caterpillar out of trio blocks. Our friend Louie came over to play and brought his mom, Julianna.

It was relaxed. No where to go, nothing pressing to be done.

Lunch was Chocolate milk, ABC soup, nachos and seedless grapes.

Now Owen sleeps in the next room. Carter plays with his cars on the carpet and I have a chance to catch up on blogs. I have every intention to go lay down for a nap myself after this.

Just life. It is refreshing.

Today feels like home in every way.

The word "home" is relative isn't it? Virginia was home growing up, Utah became home in college, Houston became home as a family with our two little boys, and now unlikely as it is, Saudi is home.

It feels like home.Our kitchen painted a light cool tan. Actually the exact color of my favorite PB bowl, just by coincidence. Not a huge change, just enough to warm the walls up and make it more home than plain white. Another view. This is also where we took down the circa 1970 overhang cabinets over the sink and added extra lighting. You can also see the wall color a little better next to the molding of the pantry door. All I need now are counter saddle bar stools in rustic black. Yeah, I know, good luck finding those in the kingdom. Hugs, A

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