Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Like...

Donuts just like home. Krispy Kreme in the Kingdom.
Same green and white sign, same deliciousness as the donuts back home. The boys even scored the official paper hats on our visit too.On the other hand, the Seven Eleven in Kingdom is NOTHING like the ones back home.
No slushy or fountain drinks. This one is actually a Chinese food restaurant in the downtown Souqe area. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.
Now, just because we were in the downtown area we stopped in a little shop for sunglasses for Mike. The shopkeepers LOVE our kids. Most likely all kids. They tote on them, adore them, let them run a muck and entertain them while you shop. Most also have little knick nacks or candies for the kids too. I know candy- don't take any from strangers. We usually pocket this and throw it out later. I know, I'm a bad mom huh?

I'm not kidding when I say, I am treated better out and about in town when I have one of my children with me. You see a entirely different side of people when they interact with children. This society loves them and that is comforting and endearing.

So here are the boys trying on glasses with the shopkeeper downtown. They had a blast! I couldn't pass up this little Kodak opportunity.

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