Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Park Morning.

We hosted playgroup again this past week and decided it was time to return to the park. It was a little chilly, but even those days need to be enjoyed here because there are indeed rare. The sun was out, it warmed up by 10 and there was plenty of wide open spaces to run and jungle gyms to be scaled.
Owen and Louie.
Owen is our mountain climber. If there is a will and way it will be conquered by this kid. Carter ran around most of the time we were out. He chased the girls, played in the sand, scaled the tube slide and had a fantastic time doing it all. We dug in the sand.
We do live in the desert now, so this is something I have had no choice but to get use to and accept. We chased and kicked balls around on the basketball court. Owen was at this for almost half an hour all by himself. Kicking, laughing and running.
Here's the view of the park from the basketball court. It's a great park and only a few blocks from our house. Even now when I see all of the palm trees I feel a bit like we are on vacation at some resort. Except now it's just in our backyard.
You can see the large group of moms and tots we had come out. It was such a great morning to be out and play.
We stayed long after playgroup was over. The boys were so happy I thought why not.
So four hours later... we went home.

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