Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Camel Riders.

One of the main events of the camel market for our family was riding a camel. Owen started off like this. Wanting nothing to do with the camel and being so high up in the air by himself. Here our friend Brad (the guy in the sunglasses) is trying to rescue him.
Then Mike joined Owen. You can tell Owen is still a little unsure with his thumb in mouth.
When camels stand the push up on their back legs first and when they sit the go down on their front legs. Here's Mike holding on.
Before we moved to SA we asked Carter.
Do you want to move to Idaho or go ride camels?
His response, "Camels."
Well we finally made that happen. He was so excited and so brave!
Getting ready!
Up we go. He's like a bull rider holding on with one hand.
Carter our little Camel Rider!
It's nothing official, you pretty much just find a nice camel and a camel herder who wants to make a little extra riyals. He charged 10 riyals per person. Totally reasonable and worth every penny to watch the boys faces while on the camels.
I didn't make it on a camel this time, maybe in hopes that this will make sure we go back again. Next time right?

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