Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four Quick Updates.

Owen 33.4 lbs.
Working on his very last baby tooth, back top left molar. This one is a beast and his temperament the past few days has matched it. Owen has also discovered a new form of temper tantrum, pure and unwavering screaming at the top of his lungs when he is not happy, something is taken away or you do something that he doesn't agree with. Hello, Two.

Owen continues to talk and can repeat almost anything you say to him. He's starting to use more words together and it's pretty cute to have a conversation with him. Last week while pulling into the dining hall we hear this from the backseat. "I'm hungry daddy." In this tiny little voice, just matter the fact.
Carter 40 lbs.
My 3.5 year old is giving up naps. Every few days he'll take one, then we all pay for it at night when he is wide eyed awake until past 10. The days he doesn't nap he passes out around 7:30. I'm torn.

Carter continues to be a great big brother. He loves to read to Owen and share his food with him. He is also coming into his own and has an opinion about almost everything. He will change clothes three times a day if I let him. His favorite things are gym shorts, gym pants, sweatshirts and the new long sleeve t-shirts (mostly the football one) I pulled out of our shipment.

Last night I made my first loaf of bread from scratch. I've always wanted to bake bread at home but have never attempted. Perhaps because I thought it would be too hard, too messy, take too much time, or I just thought I couldn't do it.

I found a 110v Bread maker in town and tried that in the morning. The bread here is awful and is made with palm oil which we hear is bad for you. It didn't work. I blamed the bread maker, turns out it was the person adding ingredients that messed up while she was rushing to get ready for church.

I was determined yesterday that I WOULD indeed successfully make a loaf of bread. Partly, because I am craving a Marv n Joe (if you're a USU Aggie you'll know what I'm talking about.)

So I tried the bread maker again and made a loaf of honey wheat with the kitchen aid and my own two hands. Both loaves turned out and the one from scratch was WAY better than the bread maker. Turns out, it wasn't too hard, or too messy, or even too much, best part of it all is that I COULD do it.

Some days something little like this starts out small, then suddenly morphs into a challenge of will and determination related not at all to the original task. Just to do it, not be defeated, but win. I did and so far we've already devoured half of the delicious loaf.

Dinner Tonight. Seriously, so GOOD.
Really enjoys the group he works with. He's no longer the newest guy and is continuing to find his way and his role. He splurged for Christmas and purchased an IPad. Not something we normally do. We are not a tech savvy couple and he's more frugal about these sorts of things. I'm pretty sure he loves it and wishes he had more time to use it and add some more apps and other fun stuff.

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Jen said...

Oh Man...what I wouldn't give for a Marv n Joe right now!
You'll have to send me the recipe of how you make it. It's been WAY too long!
(And as an engineering student I can tell you both Marv and Joe are awesome guys!)