Thursday, January 13, 2011


One word to describe last night would be Delicious!
We ate hamburgers, french fries and drank fountain Coke with crushed ice just like Sonics. Um, yes, I was in heaven. They had me at Coke and crushed ice.

Funny thing is, I don't remember Johnny Rockets being any good in Houston. But in Saudi it was awesome. Seriously, the best hamburger, maybe even meal, in the past three months.

We took a new family out with us, Cody, Julianna and their little boy Louie (2). They've been here for a week and we are so happy to have them. Owen now has another little friend in nursery, bringing the total to three boys. Julianna came to dinner with a plan. A DVD player in which we lined the boys up and they sat quiet watching and eating dinner. We were able to enjoy our food and have a conversation. We joked that maybe that was why the meal was so yummy. We were able to eat it warm. Life of a mom I suppose isn't it.

Another surprise of the night was Owen pounding a hamburger. Also surprising was the night before when he ate half a plate of salad. Iceburg lettuce and dressing. I took a few pictures of him eating his first hamburger. He was not holding back and enjoyed everything as well. Yup, that's my kid.

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Julie said...

Yum. I have been craving a good hamburger lately.