Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Our adventures in Hofuf continued to the downtown souks area for a little shopping and exploring. We went into a few antique stores. Here is Carter and a few of his friends (part of the Collins and Bellair clans) on the front step s. He is always so happy to hang around other kids. Mike and Owen outside of the shop.
Right around the corner was this great mustard colored door. What I wouldn't give to take this home with me. The doors here are amazing. Old building literally sometimes in ruin and then a fantastic rod iron and wooden door. A look down one of the back alleys. After a little shopping we went back to the fort in the center of town. Can't remember how old or the history of it, but I believe this use to BE the city. It's old, and I mean, really old. Sand, mud and grass old building old.
A view of the mosque inside. The white is just gleaming and beautiful. Another view from the inside in another direction.
Brad and Mike standing outside of the well after corralling kids away from it. One of those wells that you have no idea how deep it is, but also have do desire to learn that either. It's us.
Owen and mom.
The boys up a few levels walking the perimeter of the fort.
We then loaded back on the bus and headed off to the Caves and to see the Potter. Let the excitement continue and it wasn't even noon yet.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny...I saw the picture of you in front of the door and thought...I bet Angie wanted to take that door with her...then I read your comment and you did! Do I know my friend or what?!?!
Love ya,