Saturday, January 22, 2011


Just a FEW things happening over the past few days.

So glad yesterday is over. Double duty. Teaching RS to a group of spiritual giants has a way of humbling you. Then Mike and I presented a youth fire side on communication. All went well, only one young man fell asleep. Can I call that a success?

Our sweet, sweet ride is having some not so sweet problems. It's leaking coolant and some other issues. We are waiting for some guy to come pick it up and take it into town to be repaired. No idea how long the Burb will be out of commission. I'm a bit depressed about it actually. A combination of how long it will be gone and the fear of how much it might cost to repair.

Took the boys into see the pediatrician this afternoon. We were the only expats at the clinic. I was nervous about the doctor. I picked one who was US board certified and had studied in the States. This doc did his residency at Texas Childrens. I was relieved to walk in and see a very westernized doc. The boys liked him and I was pretty happy as well. Was he the most thorough, not really. Didn't ask for any medical history. He just took our word for it and gave us some referrals - ENT and allergist- and then refilled some prescriptions for us. He did check the boys ears. One of Owen's tubes is on it's way out. We follow up with the ENT in Feb. (The soonest we could get in.)

The Doctor asked Owen if he could look in his ear. Owen looked at him and said "no." Funny kid. Carter on the other hand went first and talked Owen through the whole process. "Look Owen, he look in my ear, It don't hurt buddy. See I'm ok." Totally endearing.

Stopped traffic today. Literally, Carter and I were walking a long the cross walk in front of the hospital. A little truck stopped so we could finish getting across the road when an impatient man in a van honked and hit the truck. Both men in thobes got out looked at the trucks and got back in and drove off. I felt a bit guilty we were a contributing factor.

I'm feeling antsy all over again. I'm feeling the need to nest, to paint some walls, put some pictures up, buy some more furniture, put the boys room together and unpack some more of the boxes left in the garage. When this feeling comes I start to REALLY miss the Home Depot. The one stop shop for everything I would need to fulfill this need to settle in. I admit right before Christmas I kind of gave up and was too tired to worry about settling. The nostalgia of the holidays have worn off and now it's time to get back to business.

I've also decided that I would rather spend my time at the gym when the boys are in school instead of heading into town. Must be part of the January start over, feel better, shed some pounds mentality that seems to dominate a lot of resolutions. It's also part of the save more spend less resolution as well.

Oh, Finally tried Coke Zero. Not bad. Might have to replace the original with no calories. I'm still talking myself into it. As we speak two cases of each are being chilled in the extra fridge in the garage.

That's it. No more ramblings or thoughts for the night. The boys are in bed and I plan to enjoy the quiet and do a little vegging out with my hubby.

Just because I can't write another post without a photo.
Have you ever wondered what a Dille Double Fake Melt Down looks like?
Well wonder no more.
Miss you guys! Hugs, A


stacibee said...

Oh Angie! It's so fun to read your updates. I love your little family and admire you and your courage in this HUGE adventure. Thanks for posting so consistently, it's good to hear all is well!

Michelle S.J. said...

Love the double melt down. Owen actually looks older than Carter in that picture for some reason. Also I love Coke Zero especially with a little maraschino cherry juice added. Try it.