Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unheard of.

Today something is happening that is really, almost, unheard of here in the sandbox.
It's Raining!
Real rain. Not just a few sprinkle here and there.
Genuine, make everything wet, roll down the streets, wash the sand away, you need to run inside to keep from being soaked, keep your windshield wipers going, kind of rain- today.
Carter asked for the umbrella when I picked him up from school. I don't believe we packed one for the desert. Too bad, because today we could have used it. Really today may be the only real day that we could use it.

If it wasn't so cold outside I'd let the toddlers lose to play in it. For now we'll just have to enjoy it from our front porch.Carter and his friend Jordan.
Owen is in the other room napping.

The cold rainy day makes me want to stay inside, bake something warm and yummy and take a nap. Although I believe the odd of getting these two 3 year olds asleep may not be very great. We'll settle for a movie, reclining couches and soft blankets.
Enjoy your day! We plan to!


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

I am enjoying your updates. And I'm happy for the rain. ;)

Aimee Jones said...

That's so awesome! I am loving your updates too. Life in SA looks interesting, fun, and sometimes crazy. I'm enjoying looking at it from your perspective!

Lindsay said...

Just so you know, we frequently use the blue umbrella you left here. Tayson uses it to go get Will from the bus! Miss you guys! ps. why haven't you written me back?

Angie and Mike said...

Lindsay is it the blue one with sharks? Best Target deal ever. I'm glad someone gets some use out of it. Funny thing it is still raining today and there's no weather channel to figure out what and the heck is happening with the rain.