Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Boys.

Owen is still our baby, ask him, he'll tell you. But in the meantime he's growing too fast for my liking. This week he started sleeping in the twin bed, an official big boy bed.

We went out to dinner and the babysitter put the boys to bed. We came home and Owen was fast asleep in the twin bed and not the crib. He worked magic and talked the babysitter into it and she didn't know any different. So we left him there all night. He didn't fall our, climb out, or get up in the middle of the night.

The following night we tried again. Same thing. The following day I put him down for a nap on the bed again. He was not a fan. He wanted to sleep on the floor and this is how I found him. After snapping a photo I set him up with a pillow and blanket and there he slept for a few hours. Since then, he has slept in the crib a few times as well. We're giving him a choice.
We painted Carters big boy room blue. Here is Mike's handy work tagging the wall right before we rolled the room and Carter standing by so proud. He has been talking about painting his room since we arrived. Blue was the compromise. At first he wanted black. Yeah, that's not an option.
I'm saving the big reveal for when the actual room is done. We have some things to put on the wall and a bed to make and dresser to buy. Almost there.

At first I had planned to set the room up for both boys. But after trying to have them both in the same room for two nights while the paint dried and aired out, both Mike and I decided we are in NO HURRY to have both big boys in the same room. Needless to say the nights together were not a success. No need to rush this. So next weekend I plan to paint Owens room. Owen did request black, just like his big brother. However, it may be green, or most likely just another shade of blue.

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Lindsay said...

I can't believe that Owen isn't is a crib anymore...I am hoping that Kate is in her crib till she is 5!!