Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our last stop in Hofuf was to see the caves. I had no idea what we would see and I was a bit surprised by it all. What natural wonders surround each of us and how often do we take them for granted. It's a beautiful world we have been blessed with. In the middle of the vast desert there are places like this.
Inside the Caves.
Carter and his bud Lawson. You can see all of the dust inside too, it was pretty thick is some places.
The potter outside of the caves.
This is his little shop and he also lives here. Complete with his own little chicken coop attached. He was so excited to see our bus pull up and loved showing the kids how he makes the pottery from the local clay.
Carter picked out one of the clay goblets. He calls it his "O" because it's shaped like one on the top.
Owen picked out a hand woven hat.
A few photos of Hofuf from the top of a large rock outside of the caves. Hofuf is a natural Oasis that is known for it's Date Palms. Looking at these photos you can understand why it is one of the oldest cities. When you find this in the middle of the desert, you stay put.


lynette said...

YES! I completely agree! We lived in the world's driest desert (the Atacama) when we lived in Chile. There was no natural vegetation, flowers, or trees and yet Ammon and I always said that the desert holds a special kind of beauty. How beautiful and fun for you guys!

lynette said...

Oh, this reminds me...

Is it SUPER dusty there? In Chile, our car would be covered with dirt and sand right after it was washed. And, if I had our windows open for more than an hour, our floor would be covered in dirt.

Is it the same there?

R A C H A E L said...

Your blog is officially my favorite. I love everything about it. I'm kinda living vicariously through you, what a unique experience. And you look so good while doing it!!!

Angie and Mike said...

Lynette, YES. It is so dusty here. Same thing, wash car, next morning covered in dust. Did you guys have sand storms in Chile too? Looks like it's raining, but it's really just sand blowing around?

Thanks Rachael. I love reading your blog too. You always have the best pictures!

Marie said...

Those caves look awesome, My kids would have loved it! I have no idea how you can live over there though!