Sunday, April 24, 2011


Look who came for a visit armed with Easter basket goodies.
The Easter Bunny that's who.
The big hits. The super large chocolate egg.Along with the other hits, new Pooh and Tigger toothbrushes, Cars and Thomas the train breakfast sets and the candy of course. Which the bunny kindly didn't leave too much of. I guess he heard how successful the egg hunts were and knew the last thing the boys needed was another sugar overload. So he just left a few Cadbury eggs and some fruit snacks. Mom thinks, good bunny.

*On another Easter note.
The past few days we've been talking about the true meaning of Easter. It is not really about a cute little bunny who bring goodies. But about a loving Savior who died and rose again. Together we watched this, a message about Easter and Christ. We watched and I was moved to tears.

Carter, in the most loving way that an almost four year old could understand, longed to help Jesus. He kept telling me, "Mommy, Jesus is hurt. I need to go help him."
Children are amazing. Their ability to understand and feel the spirit is far greater than we think. They are close to the spirit, they are close to the Savior.

Happy Easter.
Much Love, A

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