Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Hunters.

We celebrated Easter on Friday, our sabbath day here in SA. Church was wonderful and uplifting. It was a rare sabbath day for us, Owen fell asleep in my arms at the end of sacrament and slept throughout Sunday school still in my arms. Mike opened and closed the sac. meeting because I was pinned to the chair with Owen. That was a first.

We are so grateful for the Savior, for the atonement and his resurrection. Grateful that the Lord loved us enough to send his son. Grateful that Christ loved us enough to take on our sins and make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can one day return to live with them. Easter is, indeed, a celebration. He is risen and lives and loves each of us.

After church we took the turkey out of the oven and went over to a friends house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt. We are also grateful for good friends and beautiful afternoons spent chasing kids, finding eggs, eating ham (can't buy it here, it's a BIG luxury and very rare. Who knew I would miss bacon so much. ) and enjoying the company.

Carter Egg Hunter extraordinaire.
Jen helping Owen at the start of the egg hunt. Owen is a pretty relaxed egg hunter. Rounding up the last few eggs. At the end of the night Jen, Lisa and I, sorted through the plastic eggs to save for next year. Only in SA would you label and sort plastic eggs which you can normally purchase for a dollar. Oh, what we do for our kiddos. Happy Easter!
Hugs, A

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