Friday, April 29, 2011

Shwarma Nights.

Each weekend the camp has a BBQ, aka "Shwarma Night" up in the Hills (the other part of camp, we live on main camp). We're regulars. Nice thing is they serve everything from shwarmas to stir fry, hot dogs and friend fries to cheese bread and kabobs. Every one gets something they like and I don't have to cook it or clean it up. Brilliant.
The boys run around and play in the sand, in the trees, on the swing sets, rocks walls and ride firetrucks and horses on bouncy springs. It's a happening little place to be and we always run into playmates for the boys and friends of ours to share a picnic table and chat. Truly everyone knows everyone. We all work, live, shop and go to school together. It's hard to go out on camp and not run into someone you know.

Shwarma Nights are pretty low key and easy, but still let's you feel like you "got out" for the night.

This is what it looks like from the swings. A patio with tables and lights. Off to the right are the bouncy/springy toys, behind is the official snack bar and recreation center.
Another view of the serving lines.
Just for fun. Another picture of Carter climbing a tree. He loves these nights as well. This was his first real tree climbing and yelled for me to come take a picture. He was pretty proud of himself. You can see the swings behind him and rock wall.


Em and Tom said...

COOL! Do you really go every week? I think I would too. Love your kidz happy faces!

SKH said...

Hello Angie and Mike! It's Sara (Kern) Hill from Nampa. Unfortunately I don't think I have met Angie, but I need to admit to lurking around your blog. I linked to it originally from facebook. What an awesome adventure you are on! I find reading your posts so fascinating! I hope it is o.k. if I add your blog to my mom's list. She has MS and is bed bound. She enjoys blogging and reading blogs when she can. Especially blogs of people she knows. Her life is completely different from when she taught Michael in our little co-op preschool. Life was good and normal then. I love seeing good friends with happy families making life work!
Best Regards,