Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Fear.

Owen is fearless.
He always has been.
Fearless, yet cautious.
He watches, figures things out, and then takes off.
(Silently and quickly most of the times
Last week he watched Mike on the diving board.
This week he was determined to follow daddy.
The life guard encouraged him, not that he really needed it, and off they went.

Carter wanted nothing to do with the diving board.
Owen went three times and still wanted more.
Our little man is THE man.
No fear. Just glory.

I was able to get a little video of him the first time. After wards the life guard made me put the camera away. Cameras are not allowed at the pool. I'm pretty sure he was being nice by letting me use it for a short time. So thanks to the life guard you can see the little man in action.

Yes, I do believe we are now "Poolies" as Em would call us.
Two weeks straight.
It's been fun.

Hugs, A

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