Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Another week has come and gone and I'm just flat out tired.

The potty training was officially started (big boy undies and all) and came to a thrashing halt when Owen came down with a stomach bug. It's been a tough few days for this little guy. I suppose in a week we will pick up where we left off again.

Finished more projects in the house and touched up some walls with decorations. All in preparation for having 15 lovely ladies over to our house... for none other than the first Bunco Night!

I admit, I loved my Bunco group in Houston. I loved everything about it and it was very sad to move over here and not have the monthly get together with some of my favorite people and some great laughter. So after six months here, it was high time I started my own group. A few tweeks to the prizes and such and it was a hit. It also deserves its very own post... tomorrow.

Spent another afternoon at swim with Carter. He's coming along. He's also a total boy and has the attention span of a fly. This poses a challenge.

We spent a morning with our friends the Borns at the yacht club beach. The kids ran, dug and swam in the gulf and had a great time. Not a wave, or really a ripple that morning in the water.

We've had a lot of "moral group" get togethers and a few special visitors over the past week as well, continuing to keep us busy. Heard several messages that we needed to hear and continue to feel good about our decision to be here and what we are doing. It's comforting to know the Lord has a hand in everything and if we are obedient and faithful we will continue to be blessed and taken care of. That doesn't mean we won't suffer or will not have trials, we will, but we are never alone. The Lord can fix anything.

It's starting to heat up here. I can feel the summer heat wave rolling in and I'm afraid. I can't even imagine what 120 degrees will feel like. So the boys and I plan to skip town with the rest of the ladies and kids on camp. We plan to bail out of the sandbox the end of June and not come back until school starts.

This is also what we've been working on, summer plans. Would be a lot easier if both of our families lived closer, rather than on opposite sides of the country, and if we hadn't just moved from the very middle of them both. This is going to be a challenge. But as long as it's not roasting above 120 degrees, we will be up for it!

The house is quiet again. Both boys are also tired this week. I think it's partly the heat. Partly Carter going back to school and that darn little bug that has knocked Owen down for a few days.
Really not an excuse for me. I need to take more vitamins. Yes, that would help.

I have more posts coming. We really have been busy at work and I don't want to write everything down now. You have to see some pictures to fully appreciate the business and tired Dille's from all of it.

Miss you all.
I really do.
Hugs, A


Em and Tom said...

Miss you too. I'm homesick today.

Lindsay said...

Kate and Will got the nasty bug too! It was TWO days without the gym...I am going crazy! Hopefully tomorrow they will all go to school and things will get back to normal!

Lindsay said...
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