Monday, April 11, 2011


LiSTen Up. A few FUnnIEs the boys have said in the past few days.

I made Cheesecake brownies again last night (they are my current favorite).
I then went to the gym so I could eat them later without any guilt.
Yes, I am that kind of person.

So while I was gone, Carter requested to Mike.
"I eat popcorn and Christmas (pointing to brownies) and watch a movie."
Yes, that would be MY kid. I also might agree with that statement.

I came home both boys were in bed, not asleep yet. I hear Carter yell- mom, mommy, mom...
I go into his room.
Carter, "Mommy I want you to snuggle me."
Me, "I need to take a shower buddy."
Carter, "I want you to take a shower, get dressed and THEN come snuggle me."

I head off into Owens room to kiss him goodnight.
Remember this is the little guy who would lay by the door and scream just two weeks ago.
So in I go.
Owen, "Mommy I sleeping. Get out."
Mike had built him a little fort with a blanket over his crib.
He was not sleeping. He was playing.
Me, "love you buddy. goodnight."
I then try to hug him and he pushed me off.
"Mommy. Go away, I sleeping... Nite, Nite."
I find it safe to say he's come a long way in two weeks.

This afternoon Carter wanted a snack after lunch.
I said no because we just had lunch. (This happens a lot.)
Carter, " Ugh." (In a matter of fact voice.) "I take a nap and get a snack."
Me, "You haven't taken a nap. You can go lay down and take one."
Carter, " Okay."
He heads off to his room. I think I'm lucky. Awesome. He's taking a nap.
Maybe three minutes pass. He comes back into the room.
Carter, " Mom, I sleep, now I'm awake and I get a snack."

Carter is ALL about his birthday.
It's in June.
That's a long way for a three year old.
He was looking through a kids magazine and pointed to EVERYTHING and said,
"Mommy, I want this for my birthday... You buy me this for my birthday."
Me, "Carter those are A LOT of things."
Carter. "Mommy, I know. It's my birthday... I get A LOT of presents!"

There are so many little moments like this where I laugh out loud.
The boys keep me on my toes for sure.
Laughter truly is the best remedy for everything.
That's it for now.

We're outta here!
Hugs, A


Marie said...

You're so good to write down the little memories. I love the silly things my kids say!

Em and Tom said...

I second Marie! I need to do that more too. Love this post.