Friday, April 1, 2011

Turning 29.

Happy Birthday to Me!
Last week I turned 29.
I have officially embarked on my very last year in the 20's.
I remember my mom telling me, no matter how old you are you will still feel like you are 21. You stay the same, the same spirit, just your body that ages and gets older. Then I think about my body. We're holding up pretty well, definitely not the same as it was 10 years ago.
I've had two babies but have been able to bounce back a bit. I feel good. I can run, jump, chase my boys and have the energy- most of the times- to do it. I work out, not as much as I'd like to, but even with that, I see my body differently now.

It's funny how birthdays make you think.
There are things about myself I'd like to change. Things I want to do better this year and things I'm happy to leave behind me and move on. Of course, I'd like to change physical things too. My hips to be smaller, my arms to be more toned, no more dark spots... the list could, well does, go on. But I've been reminded this past month through reading Nei Nei, that I am not my body. We are not our bodies. We are the spirits inside of them. What make them tick. No matter what we look like, what ailments we have, how old we are, we are the same. This is comforting to me.

I know I sound like I just turned 50 right? So wise in all of my 29 years.
Yes, you are probably snickering at me now.

When we first moved here I told Mike I was wasting my last few years in the 20's in Saudi Arabia. He got a good laugh out of that one. Here I can't do much and have to wear a black bag when I go out. Seriously, my body may be going downhill from here. Later in life I might jump at the chance to throw on the Harry Potter cloak. But right now, the skinny jeans are pretty sweet and I want to look good for my man when we go out on a date. Not match my shoes to the abiya instead of the belt hidden underneath.

Moving away from our families and friends, starting this new adventure has really made me reevaluate myself. I miss my old life. I really, really do. I miss our old routines, our social network of close friends for us and the boys. It's a challenge - sometimes grueling- having to start over with almost everything.

But I am learning (I imagine I always will) to find joy here and relish the time I have with my family. This is why we moved here to be together more and we are. With this being said, I'm having to look deeper into who I really am. Find different ways to fill my time and different things to make me happy.

So my plans for being 29.
Stay Fit. Work out More. Feel Better.
Set a few goals.
Be the best wife, mom and daughter that I can.
Learn to be happy with me.
Find and Live with Joy.
A cute matching days for the boys.
Too bad I couldn't get them to actually sit next to each other. Thank you for the birthday calls and the few cards that made it over the ocean and into my SA mailbox. Those were amazing!
All my love this week.
Hugs, A


Em and Tom said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Sorry I missed this post. You still look 21! Darling pics too.

Marie said...

I turned 30 last Fall. It's so weird to be getting older! And by the way, I am wearing the exact same green shirt today. :)

The Youngblood Family said...

Happy Birthday Angie(sorry I am late)!!! You always have the cutest clothes. I just love the green shirt...where did you find this at? I really want one!!!

lynette said...

happy 29th, ang! hope you had a great day!

sounds like you're having your own 'eat, pray, love' experience. (have you seen that movie?) what a wonderful birthday present!

your thoughts reminded me of a quote i saw the other day:

"the more strive and search for happiness, the more you overlook the possibility that it is here already."

you don't need to try to find happiness because it sounds like you already have it!

enjoy every second with your family overseas! it is precious!

happy birthday again! cheers!