Friday, April 1, 2011


Some weeks go by and you think,
What did we do?
Where did we go?

And you're not really sure what to answer.
This week, however, I know EXACTLY where we spent most of our days.
I believe the kids toes and fingers may still have water wrinkles to prove it.Armed with goggles, swim shirts and trunks, sunscreen and great attitudes, we spent our mornings playing in the water and watching Carter learn how to swim in swim class.
At the end of the week, Carter can now hold his breath under water and is a great "rocket." He's shooting off under the water holding his breath stretched out like a rocket back and forth from us to the stairs. These are all big steps for the little guy who for the past three years has had the challenge of just breathing through his nose. He's made so much progress and we are so proud. We plan to continue the group lessons, granted was can get a spot and then will also continue some private classes once a week.

The classes are for 3 yrs and up. So while Carter was in class, Owen had the run of the baby pool and the rest of the pool with mommy. I am usually juggling both boys at the pool, so it was a treat for both of us.
He LOVED the goggles. On his eyes or just on his forehead.
Stealing the noodle from swim class. The life guards thought he was so cute they just let him have it.Carter.
Some juice with his goggles.
Still makes me laugh.
What's better than one silly little boy in goggles with a juice box?
Why, two, of course!
The last swim lesson day I promised the boys we'd stay and have lunch at the snack bar.
Chowing on some pizza and french fries. It was a great way to spend the week. On camp, at the pool, no pressure to go or do anything else, but hang out with the boys, splash and play.
Now this is all they want to do.
It's beginning to feel like summer.
Hugs, A


Em and Tom said...

Poolies! I just made up that word, but your boys are really cute "POOLIES" aren't they? Good swimming boys.

lynette said...

I'd say this makes me want summer to come faster, but that'd be a lie. Summer can wait! I'm not in a hurry for all that heat and humidity!

But, I agree with the above comment, you have some cute lil' swimmers!