Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bunco Night in SA.

Here are a few photos from the Bunco group I just started here in SA. There are a few other groups that play on camp. I decided to start a new group for the playgroup moms. A lot of us are fairly new from a few months to just a few years. Bunco will be a chance for us all to get together without kiddos and get to know each other better and share a lot of laughter and fun.

I have missed Bunco and the girl time it provides. It was a great feeling to have my home full of new friends, sharing a meal, small talk and a lot of laughter. That is what makes a home - fun and laughter. Thank you to each of the ladies for coming and joining. There will be many more of these nights to come and I am thrilled about it!

The food served on the new kitchen table Mike built for our family. I served Chicken tortilla soup, chili, seven layer dip, cornbread, chips and salsa, salad, watermelon and fruit dip, and cheesecake brownies. Fiona also made a birthday cake for the April birthdays.
Fiona, Franca and Carissa.Shelly, Edith, Kelly and Roseanna.
Jennifer, Erin and Kasondra.
Jen, Charlotte and Kj.
Tiffy and I serving cake.
The birthday girls blowing out the candles. Charlotte, Jennifer, Kelly and Edith.

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Edith Ann said...

THanks again for hosting. THat was so much fun!! I look forward to future Bunco nights with all those wonderful ladies!