Sunday, May 29, 2011


We never planned to own a trampoline. Until we were given one from a family on camp that no longer used it. We thought, why not? Our kids jump of everything in the house, might as well. Turns out another family we go to church with just happened to take off their tramp net, so we scored that too. Tramps are pretty pricey, much like everything else over here. We can't say enough thank you's.

Last week Mike started the set up. We still need to put the net around it. But until then, the boys are loving the supervised Jump Time .

The photos also give you an idea of what our side yard looks like. It's pretty big [for our type of house on camp] and so is that trampoline that takes up the middle portion of the yard now. We have four trees in the yard as well that provide a decent amount of shade.

The afternoons have been cooling off enough to spend time outside comfortably. These photos are from last night. It was so nice to be outside. It's good for the boys, it's good for us.

Hugs, A

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