Sunday, May 15, 2011


This past week it's gotten hot. I mean Holy HOT!

Could it possibly, really, already be in the 110's.

Last week it hit 116 degrees. Enough to make you feel like your skin is baking the moment you walk out into the sun. It's insane and the Humidity hasn't even hit yet.

The water in the tap is warm. Even the toilet water is hot. If you leave the lid down you can steam your bum. So wierd!

Along with the heat have come a series of shamals. Nothing like roasting and a dirty sandy brown sky to boot. And with that comes allergies.

Last week was brutal for me and Owen. This week much better. I'm hoping the shamals will stay away so the little man and I can continue to breath. Funny thing is, I thought our allergies would go away when we moved here. Yes, I'm a bit delusional at time. I like to think of it as hopeful.

I'm grateful we already have plans to run as far away from the desert as we can this summer. Idaho will be a nice change for a month or two.

We told they boys where we are going in the summer and that we would leave when it gets really hot. How else do you describe summer to a two and three year old. Since then everyday Carter tells me, "It's hot mommy, it's time to go see pappa in Idaho."

Six weeks to go. Yes, I am counting. Yes, the list of things to bring back is getting longer. Yes, so is the list of restuarants we want to eat at. Yes, we can't wait to see YOU too!

Oh the excitement.

The boys after church in our backyard patio. It was a little too hot for happy faces. I tried. Next week photos taken inside with the AC crancked to 70 degrees.

Hugs, A


lynette said...

you are going to love your trip back to the states! i want to know everything on your "to-buy" list and the restaurants you miss the most! so good to see your posts and know that you guys are flourishing in the desert! :) miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to see you guys...we will be on the countdown! Love the pictures outside...notice our picture taking has also moved inside and it is still in the high 80's here!