Saturday, May 21, 2011

Splish Splashing it Up.

One of the very main reasons we stay at the Gulf hotel is for the kids pool. That and the fact that the two times we've stayed there our boys have had the entire thing to themselves in the morning. Yes, it is pretty awesome! I mean the other amenities are nice too, but when you have two little crazy boys a pool like this takes the cake.

There is also a "grown up" pool down below that we spent some time in too. This is how we really spent our time this past weekend.A little swinging while splashing.

Owen toweling off to leave. A great view of the water playset at the hotel. Now picture water shooting out of every little crevice of that bad boy. Good times.
A little relaxing pool side. But most of the time Mike was on the slide with the boys. Bubble Bathing it Up in the Hotel Room. Then a little Disney Channel viewing while in the bath. Nothing but the best for these two monkeys.

Hugs, A

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lynette said...

i want to go to there! :) happy anniversary!