Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bargaining with a Two year old.

In the past few weeks we've embarked on a new stage with Owen. We can now officially bargain with the little man and he totally gets it. It's awesome.

I love this stage. It goes something like this.

Owen if you eat two spoon fulls of [this] you can have [this].

He is changing so much these days. The language and reasoning skills that he is acquiring amazes me. I love it when he calls me for me down the hall, Mom where are you? or he answers to Carter, I'm in here Carter. He's taking part in real conversations and I am loving it.

Photos are of Owen watching his new favorite show, Super Why. He loves it, and can be found singing the shows title song several times a day. He even dances while singing. Classic.

The dynamics of our life with two little boys is constantly changing as they each continue to grow leaps and bounds. Althought it doesn't always feel like it, life is fun. Boys are fun. Loud, but still a handful of fun.
Hugs, A

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