Monday, May 9, 2011

Grandmas and Mommies.

Happy Mothers Day to our favorite Grandmas and Mommies.

Mothers truly make the world go round. They are there when we need them, they love unconditionally, they sacrifice over and over again for us and serve without expectations. We are so very lucky to have these incredible women in our lives.

We love our Grandmas.
Grandma Dille who takes us to the zoo and never slows down. Grandma who will sit on the computer to watch the boys dance party on skype for almost an hour and always make the boys feel loved and important. Mike included. :)
Grandma Anderson who helps us hunt fish and seashells on the beach no matter what side of the world we are on. Who so willingly packs a suitcase and comes anytime and anywhere that we need her. Picks up the phone no matter what time of day to say hello and provide a pep talk. Who willingly talks to the boys on the phones during moments that I'm at the end of my straw. Who makes the best omelets and almond cookies around.
Not a day goes by the boys don't ask for you two. What blessed little boys we have to have two such amazing grandmas to love and spoil them.

For mothers day Carter made me a card at school. In it, it says.
I love my mom because...
I go to the church and she reads to me at bed.

Once we made it to the car, he added the following to his list of why he loves me.
...because I have spiky hair.

Yeah, buddy I love you too and your spiky blonde hair.


Happy Mothers Day.
Hugs, A

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