Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shades. Shoes. Popsicle.

Rocking the Shades.
Strutting in his new Shoes.

Chowing on a Popsicle at the beach last week.
Owen right now you LOVE your daddy. He is your favorite person, unless we are having family prayer, then and usually only then, will you pick mommy instead.

You LOVE your two blankies, but prefer the white over the blue. You sleep, snuggle and watch movies with them. You hate to have them washed and if we aren't looking you will take them out of the washer before the load starts. If you aren't fast enough, you will stand in front of the washer and cry as your little blanket goes round and round.

You LOVE chicken nuggets. Food of choice and if we give you something new, or something you "use" to like, you will look at it, look at us, and proclaim, "I don't like it, I want nuggets."

You LOVE milk. Drink of choice and you chug it like a champ. Milk does a body good!

You LOVE to jump. Off the couch, bed, stairs, on your brother and dad, out of the car, off the diving board and off the side into the pool.

You LOVE clothes and always want to wear shorts. You now have an opinion on what mommy dresses you in and you do not like jeans.

You LOVE to play on the ipad with daddy, "pay angee bird." Angry birds is your favorite game and the most requested. Not so cute when you yell it during church, but adorable none the less.

You LOVE airplanes and trains. You love animals and miss our dog. Last week you asked for a cat, "Cat come my house." Then you asked for a dog. Later you asked "Fish come my house."

You LOVE to sing Once there was a snowman and Sunbeam.

You throw tantrums like a kangaroo and jump up and down with two feet and yell. It's a sight to see and makes us all giggle a little. You are sensitive and have a tender little heart. You don't like being told no or having someone raise their voice. You are a little peace keeper. You are happy, stubborn, silly and full of life.

You are two and a half and a joy.
You are coming into your own and not a day goes by where we don't thank the Lord for you.
Love you buddy!

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