Saturday, May 21, 2011

Room Service.

Our Anniversary night we spoiled the boys too.

Room Service. This is what the overpriced goodness looked like.

Grilled ham and cheese, Chicken nuggets, french fries and peas. Not a bad way to wrap up the day at the pool, bubble bath and then fancy meals to eat on the couch in their pj's.

At this point the babysitter showed up and we headed out the door for our own dinner. They were happy and we were happy to have a little time for just us. Funny thing is, when we arrived back at the room at 10 p.m. we stepped off of the elevator and could hear the boys down the hall. We opened the door and there was our sweet babysitter sitting on the chair in the dark. Carter on the couch, Owen on the bed, half jumping, half leaping, twirling the room service menu. They were besides themselves. Laughing and playing. She told us, "I told them you were coming home and they needed to sleep. They not tired. I tried."

What did they put in that room service anyways? Those boys should have been passed out cold. Once the babysitter left, Mike had them to sleep in five minutes. I guess, they too, didn't want to miss a minute of our anniversary.

Hugs, A

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