Saturday, May 21, 2011


On the outside things in Bahrain seem to be returning to normal. Like I said, it's what we see, doesn't really mean that is what is really happening. As an outsider you can't really judge much. Some things seem familiar, yet there are some things, like, say, I don't know, an abudance of tanks and posters of the King everywhere that remind you, yeah not so back to normal is it?

This is where the expats go to get away from the some what oppressiveness of where we live. Even just one day leaves me feeling better about our situation. That I can travel just an hour away and wear my normal clothes and feel like me. I can drive, try clothes on, I have rights and I feel free. But even with that, it still shakes you up just a bit when you drive around and see so many of these.

Most of these are taken while our car was moving. This one is near the finacial district where the Pearl Roundabout use to be. The entire area is blocked off still and tanks at every exit. There is also almost a makeshift military camp under the overpass as well. Look just behind the truck and taxi. Rows of tanks. Another tank, although this one is sporting the King posters I mentioned earlier. Here we are on the causeway. The first difference I saw that things had changed from our last visit were the posters EVERYWHERE. Every window and most of them had more than one photo. This is the last checkpoint when I finally pulled out my camera and is no where near as decked out as the ones before it.

Even with the tanks everywhere. We felt fine, we had a good time and I still felt more comfortable than I do some days here. We also stayed out of the suburbs and didn't venture off the beaten path. We're ok mom. Promise. Hugs, A

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