Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off to Market.

Last week I ventured into Damman, another town near camp, to the Fruit and Veggie market. My good friend Jen (bottom left), has been bringing back a few things for me from the market when she goes twice a month, and finally I was able to come along with her. It's a bit tricky finding someone to hold onto the boys after school so I have the actual time in the morning to make it up there and back. Lucky for me another mom was happy to take both boys. Lucky for me an entire morning to head into town and explore with a group of seasoned expats.

Jen, me and Leanne at one of the fruit stands.
This is the view down the outside stores. Your driver pulls up to the side and this is where you load your haul. We filled the ENTIRE van with fresh produce. Bags of veggies are sold for around 5 SAR= 1.30 US dollars.
There is another section of the market under a pavilion with rows of local vendors. Here you can buy cartoons/boxes of produce. Best score of the day a box of red bell pepper for just 15 SAR = $4. This vendor asked me to take a picture of him. Then he and his friend had a few good laughs about it. Yes, I am an American. The camera in my hands totally gave me away. Behind him you can get a better idea of what the pavilion looks like.
Jen doing a little bargaining.
We hadn't planned to buy celery, but this guy was persistent. Besides have you ever seen celery this big? Not very often in SA.
The view walking down the pavilion. Also, the little guy in the blue jump suit is there with the cart working for tips. He followed us around the market loading and gathering the produce we purchased.
And, just outside of the market were a few butcher shops. Goat anyone?Owen is still pounding the cherry tomatoes and Carter and I have been working on a box of Kiwi's for a week now. We came home with Romain and iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, apples, cantaloup, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, peaches, plums, broccoli and carrots. I'm sure I'm missing a few other items. Like I said, the van was full and now both of my fridges are as well. Best part, I only spent around $50 US dollars on all of it!

It was a productive morning and another new experience for me in SA. I'm feeling a little more seasoned with each new adventure.
Hugs, A

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