Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yes, we live in Saudi and work for an oil company and live on a large company compound.
Yes, there is unrest in the middle east.
Yes, Friday was the Saudi "day of rage" that has been reported about.
No, it was not rage-ful.
Calm. Things have been calm.
Does is mean that it will stay that way. No.
Is this all over, doubt it.
Do we hope that it will remain peaceful, absolutely.

It's a strange feeling being a "visitor" in a foreign country. We are privileged to be here. That doesn't mean that we agree with everything that happens in this country. But it also means, you stay quiet and go about your own business. That is why I quietly put on my abiya when we leave camp. That is why we respect and follow the rules of the land.

But in wake of all that has been happening I keep coming back to this, I am proud to be an American. The US is our home. This is only a detour. I never stopped to think what a great privilege it was to be in the US before. I took it for granted because it was all that I knew. All of the rights we have that so many other countries don't. I miss those rights.

We are safe. We feel safe and are grateful for the security measures in place to keep us this way. As I have said before, we keep going. Just like you, we live our lives and try to find joy in our journey.

Here we are after church last week in our backyard.
Digital cameras are amazing. We can keep snapping photos and out of 50 there may be one that works. This little out take makes me laugh. Owen is so not cooperative these days with photos. Here he is making his mark, literally on Mikes shoulder. Mike is rubbing his eyes from the sun and I'm laughing and Carter seems to be the only cooperative one. Kind of.
Carter and mom.
Tonight while driving into town Grandma commented on a cute sports car.
Carter replied, "Cars are not cute. Cars are Cool."
Then when Mike took off at the stop light he hollered from the far backseat.
"Go faster Dad. Win Dad."

This has become a thing with the boys. Winning. Going faster than the car next to us. It's pretty funny and makes us both smile each time we hear them direct dad to win from the backseat.

Post is random. I know. Still love me?
Hugs, A

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Lindsay said...

We are all glad things are safe there! I am so much more aware of what is going on over there bc of you guys! I keep hearing names of places I wouldn't have known before! Stay safe!