Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Bedtime has been a bit rough this past week. Well, in all honesty the past three weeks have been a big battle with our night owl two year old Owen.

I feel like we have launched ourselves back in time to when he use to refuse to go to bed and just scream and cry himself to sleep. He did this from 6 months until about 16 months. I have been at my wits end on how to not totally regress back to this.

The crib is now gone. Because even when it was there he could scale it in less than 10 seconds and be out the door and back to whatever room you are in. It wasn't even an obstacle anymore and most of the time he'd rather sleep on the floor outside of the crib anyways like in the picture above. Other days, instead of finding us he could sneak into Carters room while he was sleeping and usually try to jump on him to wake him. (Yes, I tried putting them in together- no good.)

So now he has two options.

Twin bed (why oh why did we not buy the full?) or toddler bed.

He's not a fan of either.

The even bigger challenge that we've faced this month has been to keep him in his room. We now have a baby lock on the inside, meaning he takes his naps on the floor laying up against the door in revolt. See not a fan of the beds. He's a carpet fan.

I can tell when he is actually asleep by laying my head on the floor and peaking under the "standard" 2 inch gap under the company door. There I can see the light on, because he's turned it on, and his little body curled up against the wall, thumb in mouth, blanket in his fist. And I leave him there for however long he sleeps.

Nightlights are gone. The last one he proudly announced, "I broke it." Well, that was the end of that.

For now he's not figured out the baby lock. That may be our only saving grace.

This is a stage right? Carter never did this. Owen is giving me a run for my money and he knows how stinking cute he is when he does it too.

Here he is climbing back into the crib one night. Enjoy our little monkey, we do! Hugs, A

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Heather said...

What a stinker! I have had some good sleepers and those horrible ones that get out of bed every five minutes for two hours. I have no good tips just this - it does end. When they start school they are so darn tired they fall asleep at 7:00 and don't wake up 'til you drag them out of bed. Dillon is a bad sleeper too but has yet to climb out of his crib. It's coming though, I can sense it.