Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half Moon Bay.

I have beach babies who love the water and the sand.
I have a mom who loves the beach.
I also like the beach, not so much the process of packing to get there and unpacking the sandy mess after wards.

So this past weekend that's what we did. We packed up and went back to Half Moon Bay. This time there wasn't a blue jelly fish in sight. Just a few waves and some cold water.

Favorite photo of the day.
Walking out onto the sand bar. I'm not as far away as it looks, promise.
Check out the beginning of Owens tan line. Cutest farmers tan ever.I don't know how Mike talked the boys into getting in, but once they did they kept going back for me. Blue lips and all.Our good friends the Johnson's came out on this morning adventure with us bringing with them Owens favorite person, Louie. Every beach trip has a picture of Carter eating chips.We came and went before noon.
Perfect timing, because that's when the sea of abiyas come out.

Hugs, A

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