Thursday, March 3, 2011


This week we've...

...Painted the living room, entryway and hallway a calming tan. Actually pretty much the exact tan of our last home. Creatures of comfort are we and without even thinking about it followed suit.

I perhaps should mention I did paint the entry way prior to the tan. Then had to repaint because it was awful, and I mean AWFUL.

So off to another paint store we went. Two new gallons later, it is calming and an excellent shade of tan.

Now almost five months later (technically only three months in the new house), we've started to hang things on the wall. I'm happy. Feeling accomplished with the physical change of the room. It can be measured and I can see it, results.

.... Made a couple last minute trips into town to take my mom shopping.

Ate some amazing Labna and honey bread from our favorite bakery Latif's and ate the best Shwarma in town as well. It was a successful shopping trip. My mom came home with some tokens to take back to the states and I came home full.

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