Friday, March 18, 2011


There are a lot of "firsts" to be had here in SA.
Some of them good some not so good.
This was a good one.

Our (well this may have been Mike's third or fourth, but he doesn't count. First for me and the boys) first authentic Arabic restaurant and dinner.
We had BBQ chicken, beef and lamb. I stuck to the chicken.
Arabic rice, that was delicious and Owens favorite part.
Hummus and bread.
Followed by some kind of yummy coconut cake dessert.

You eat on the floor laying around on pillows and sitting on rugs.
We had an extra large room to ourselves. We went with our good friends and their three sons. Another view of the room.The boys took advantage of the large padded room and wrestled, chased and played duck duck goose while we waited for food.
There were vintage cars made over as booths upstairs. The boys thought they were pretty neat.
My mom in the hallway. You can see all of the private rooms. Every dining area is private so that the woman can unveil. A lot of things I have found are private in this country.Funniest part of the night was just watching Owen. At one point he was running circles like a cartoon character and would only turn his head to smile at you then keep running. I wish I had that on video.

Here he is playing superman.
Showing the muscles with Tommy.
"I'm superman!"
Then "taking off" leaping off the pillows. Owen has no fear and did this over, over and over again.

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