Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gardens and Flowers.

Thursday was a packed day for us on camp.

First, we did our duty to support the local boy scouts and feed our kids. We headed off to the Boy Scout pancake breakfast where Owen ate FIVE pancakes, yes, five. This kid is solid and has been called the Texas Tank. Maybe that would explain his appetite.

From here, we went to a birthday party for Benjy who just turned three. After our fill of cupcakes and goodies we took grandma to the Ancient Gardens show (or called something like that.)

Same flowers, different backdrops and formations. It was nice to walk around in the great weather and see something different than just sand for once. It was apparent they had been working very hard on this event and all and all we had a good time. It's always nice to have something new to do for a few hours. (Well in our case, one hour).

Here we are at the entrance.
Notice how much happier Carter is armed with a stick to ring the gong.They had some local artists/ vendors. Not sure that's the right word or not. Handmade baskets, pottery and fresh spices. The guy on the left was neat to watch. He used his feet and toes quite a bit in the weaving process. Mom and the guys. Check out the Chinese Dragon in the background.
Carter posing with the Greek gods in the Ancient gardens.
Practicing his battle skills. Another garden.
The rest of the day was spent being productive. Mike went to the workshop on camp to build a new kitchen table for us and my mom and I worked on some wall decorations for Carter. It must be the way we are programmed, Saturday- slash that- I mean Thursdays now are days to get things done. We thought about going on a date and decided we'd roll with the momentum we had and finish our to-do lists.

Pictures of those soon. Hugs, A

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